Jam Ikramullah Dharejo, Minister for Industries & Commerce Sindh, has said that Sindh government stands with the industrialists. PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s vision and Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah are creating more industrial zones. Which will create vast opportunities for industrial development and employment, while the Sindh government will consider the proposal of Faisal Moiz Khan, president North Karachi Association of Trade & Industry (NKATI), to establish North Karachi Zone2 project. While addressing the industrialists on the occasion of his visit to NKATI, he said that the federal government has not fulfilled a single promise made to the industrialists. On the contrary, the Sindh government is fulfilling its promises to the industrialists and the Sindh government will allocate more money for the improvement of industrial zones.

On the occasion, NKATI President, Faisal Moiz Khan, Senior Vice President Shabir Ismail, Vice President Naeem Haider, CEO NKIDMC Sadiq Muhammad, Chairman Board Faraz Mirza, Syed Usman Ali, Syed Tariq Rashid and Others were also present. The Minister also inaugurated a street light scheme in the Industrial Area.

Minister further said that the treatment plant project is underway and the Sindh government will extend all possible cooperation in this regard. while the federal government has pushed Sindh province’s industry to the brink of disaster with expensive electricity, gas and load shedding, and the federal government should be vigilant because the country’s economy can no longer bear the loss

Faisal Moiz Khan, President NKATI, while drawing the attention of the Minister of Industry & Trade to the problems faced by the industries, said that Sindh Province produces 2200 MMCFD gas. While the domestic and industrial demand is 1300 MMCFD but it is not getting it which is tantamount to robbing Sindh of its rights.

“The federal government is not ready to solve the gas crisis facing Karachi’s industries but was forcing industrialists to rely on K-Electric’s electricity”, he added. The federal government knows that K_E is not able to fulfil the demand of industries, then how we can rely on K-E. He requested the Sindh Minister for Industry & Commerce to convene a meeting with the representatives of industrialists including SSGC and KE and resolve the issue of gas crisis. Instead of confusing the industrialists, let them run industries so that they can play their full role in the economic development of the country.

Faisal Moiz requested the Minister of industry to establish North Karachi Zone 2 industrial zone and give industry status to child garments and also play a role in resolving the complaint of non-availability of water in the industrial area for 12 years.

Sadiq Mohammad, CEO NKIDMC, thanked PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah for providing funds from the Sindh government for development works in the North Karachi Industrial Area. He said that the federation did not fulfil the promise of grant, while the Sindh Chief Minister released funds to NKIDMC at our request, due to this, we have completed the development work in the industrial area.

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